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Cómo escribir un buen brief?

Hoy en Advertising Age sale un interesante articulo de Howard Margulies, director creativo de Palio, sobre como escribir mejores briefs. Cómo ya sabemos que el contenido de AdAge despues de un tiempo queda bloqueado para su acceso online, aqui posteamos algunos de sus puntos claves.

Sobre desarrollar un nuevo formato:

– “Think simple. The more sophisticated the brief, the simpler it should be”
– “More spaces to fill present a greater opportunity for bad poetry. Avoid theoretical definitions; keep the language at the 8th-grade level”
– “Write in clear, declarative sentences”
– “Test out the chosen version with products or services you know well. If you can get all the key ideas in, you’re good to go.”
– “Every fact or observation you add to the brief must be useful and actionable. If not, leave it out”
– “Does the final brief say what you want it to mean?
– “Write a couple of bad ads directly from your brief. What would the headline say? What would be the key visual? Is that the beating heart of your story?”

Sobre llenar el brief:

– “When you write a creative brief, you’re not filling out a form. You’re crafting the story of your product and
its reason to exist and thrive in the world”

Sobre como saber si se escribio un buen brief:

– “Keep your creative briefs free of clever turns of phrase, taglines, or ad-speak”
– “Fill your brief with brilliant market analysis and motivational insights into your target audience”
– “And most of all, write with clarity”


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